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Before Buying or Redeeming Your Voucher:

If you would like to contact us with any queries whatsoever other than redemptions, please do so to the following:

Telephone:           (086) 243 – 8877

Web:                     http://lawwise.ie

Email Enquiries:    liam@lawwise.ie

Redeeming Vouchers

How To Redeem Your Voucher:

Depending on the legal service you are seeking to avail of under your voucher, to redeem a Daily Deals voucher to make an appointment with any of our Participating Solicitors, all you have to do is forward us the email you received from LivingSocial, with your voucher (pdf) attached, to whichever one of the following email addresses is applicable to the legal service you are choosing under your voucher:

Up To An Hour Of Will Writing‘:

Forward your LivingSocial email, with voucher pdf attached, to Wills@LawWise.ie


‘Up To 30 Minutes General Legal Consultation‘:

Forward your LivingSocial email, with voucher pdf attached, to Consultation@LawWise.ie


When We Receive Your Voucher we will email you our list of Participating Solicitors and you will then have the contact details of all such Lawyers, from which you can choose one to consult for the legal service you have chosen under your voucher at no professional fee (excl. outlays) whatsoever for the duration specified for that service on your voucher over and above what you have already paid for the voucher.


If the legal services you require necessitate the Participating Solicitor expending money or incurring a liability (known as ‘outlays’) in order to properly perform his/her service for you, then obviously the Participating Solicitor is entitled to recover this from you as outlays are not covered by or included in the voucher, so please ensure that you discuss and agree all of this with him/her at the outset and before such outlays are incurred.


Whatever real-life problems you may be dealing with, it always helps to take timely advice from someone with experience in resolving such problems. Their experience makes them experts in assisting people just like you to solve your problems, and lift the burden from you.

For anything with a potential legal dimension, a visit to your trusted Solicitor for sensible and strategic advice before embarking on any course of action will help you decide on how best to tackle it. Risking a ‘wrong road’ yourself may be much more costly in the long run, and your Solicitor’s assistance may very well prevent the problem from escalating, and solve it to your satisfaction with a minimum of intervention on your behalf.


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