Participating Solicitors are subject to the Law Society’s Regulations. All practising Solicitors are registered with the Incorporated Law Society of Ireland.

The Law Society is the professional body for solicitors and exercises statutory functions under the Solicitors Acts 1954 to 2008 in relation to the education, admission, enrolment, discipline and regulation of the solicitors’ profession. Read More

All Solicitors must be insured. The Law Society obliges all practising Solicitors to be insured, called Professional Indemnity Insurance (‘PII’), against specific errors & omissions in the professional advice and services they render to clients.

The Solicitor’s Terms of Engagement letters (which should accompany their required basis for charging fees that they are obliged to give you in writing as soon as practicable after you consult them), normally set out the nature and extent, including limitations in, their PII. You should familiarise and be agreeable with the terms of their PII insurance when you are engaging a Solicitor.

www.lawwise.ie is an online platform for, and ‘Lawwise’ is a Registered and licensed Business Name of the promotions company The Irish Bar Association (Promoters) Limited (‘the Bar Association’), and has no connection or association whatsoever with, and is entirely independent of the Law Society and any of its members (Solicitors). The advice and professional services rendered by any Solicitor are the sole responsibility of that Solicitor, and the Bar Association/Lawwise, their servants or agents shall not in any way whatsoever be responsible or liable to compensate anyone who relies thereon.

If you think you have a complaint about a Solicitor, do not refer them to the Bar Association/Lawwise because the Law Society is the only regulatory body responsible for investigating such complaints, and they can help you.

The content of this website and linked information/emails is for notification purposes only, and do not and shall not constitute advice (legal or otherwise). The content is for general guidance and does not purport to be legal advice on any particular circumstances/set of facts, on which specific appropriate professional advice should always be obtained.